CLOSING EVENT |Exhibition of Ikko Taniuchi

【CLOSING EVENT|Exhibition of Ikko Taniuchi “The age of Ikko Taniuchi】
Time:22/11/2011(sat) 18:00 OPEN/18:30 START
Fee:adv ¥2,000/door ¥2,500(with drink¥500)
*Speciallity for advance:Limited Ikko Taniuchi’s calendar 2011ver!!!

Mogura ga issyu surumade
Ken Okami
cavilll(Syogo yoshikawa+Takeshi Ikeda)
Hiroko Nishimoto
Ikko Taniuchi

《Launge Music》
Osamu Tsuda

【EXHIBITION|Ikko Taniuchi Wall works ・The age of Ikko Taniuchi】
*This Live house has different time to open and close.So Please ask shop.

Place:Urbanguild, Kyoto , Kiyamachi
181-2 Zaimoku-cho new-Kyoto bldg. 3F,
Kiyamachi Dori  Nakagyo-ku

From Sanjo Dori go down Kiyamachi Dori
(This is the narrow street running alongside Takase stream
Urbanguild is on the east side (left hand side as you walk down from Sanjo) approximately 150 metres.Its on the 3rd floor of New Kyoto Building- access by elevator or stairs.

Cooperator: rBANGUILD, artburt, D・O・P, mybrassierefilm

Ikko Taniuchi 〈谷内一光〉
Painter and painting dancer.
1984 born in Kyoto. 2006 studies at Osaka designers collage.
I start my exhibition which is called “THE AGE OF IKKO TANIUCHI”. And showing all of the world. I do my original Live performance as live paint which is called “ENOGU BUTO”. I put myself with colors at canvas on the ground when I do it. I put energy and love at canvas. I get high value specially(especially?) foreign country. I had performance few times per month.(at gallery, club, hall, theater, movie theater, Osaka contemporary art center, Ken Hamasaki Red Museum. Rock festival in foreign country, home party, street performance etc…) More than few hundred people come for my (our) one performance in Krems (Austria) and Melbourne (Australia) I did an actor as partner of main character in the film which is called “Red-light District Graffiti”. Now I’m working to make an animation

“ENOGU BUTO” (Painting Dance)

My original performance. pouring colors over my body with all my energy and concentration. absorbing them into my body as if they are air and dancing in harmony with the atmosphere there. This performance causes the spectators to laugh and shed tears. This produces different works of performance than those of fine arts.
My life changed greatly when I first met an activity of live painting. At that time I felt the wonder of painting I can paint. I am under the condition where I can paint, and now I am living. Feeling happy with it, I meant to be true to myself. One day I found a being “painting” in myself. I asked him. “May I pant?” and he answered, “Of course you may.” Since then he let me continue to paint gratefully to him.

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