2010 October


IKKO TANIUCHI http://www.digital-out-put.com/ikko_jidai.html
Panem Et Circenses http://www.pan-etc.net/
Manuel Knapp http://members.chello.at/manuel.knapp/mk.html

Ken Okami

1985 born in Kyoto

Studies History of Art at Kansai University.

Began to use Fluorescent lamp as music source when I was 19 years old.

In the beginning, I forces on music, but sift to other kind of artistic performance few years later.
Now I perform with different kind of artists.

(With Musicians)
Jean francois pauvros , Optron , Michael Fischer , Manuel Knapp , Daisuke Terauchi , Tamaho Miyake , Yoichiro Shin , etc…

Baby-Q ,Sanae Kuroko , Eiichi Kimura , Kenzo Kusuda , Sylvain Meret , Matthieu Doze , Makiko Ito , YUM , etc…

Ikko Taniuchi(Enogu Butoh.Painting dance with colors) , Chinatsu Hashino(Installation) , Manuel Knapp (animation) , etc…


Baby-Q http://www.baby-q.org/